Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Charlotte Mason and Caffeine induced hysteria

The fourth Monday of every month finds me scurrying around the house around 5:00 pm.  I am looking for books, paper, pen, keys,  a little money, and anyone old enough to watch younger children for a few minutes.   I then head over to Books a Million, walk through the glass doors, and my smile is bigger, my shoulders a little straighter,  my walk a little springier (is that a word?  If not,  it is now!)  I am here for my Charlotte Mason Study Group.  This group has met for over 14 yrs.  Many of the faces have changed from the beginning,  I came in the middle,  but the concepts discussed, the struggles shared, the joys rejoiced over,  they never change.  We read through the CM Homeschooling Series books, and discuss what we find and how it relates to today.   Charlotte was an amazing woman for her time.  Well read,  understanding scientific findings in light of scripture and human nature.  If you have ever been curious about her here are a couple of web sites.

This is a link to her book series.

And here area few resources I use to plan our curriculum each year.

You would think after 8 yrs of joyously attending this meeting I would have ONE picture.  No,  not ONE.  Last night I took a camera to take a few and there was no memory card.  Figures.  I hope to get one next week, or year, or maybe never.  We'll see. 

I want to thank all the ladies last night who listened to my caffeine induced rambling, and my takeover of the meeting.  You are patient and kind and comforting and encouraging and funny.  And I needed the laughter.  And the other stuff. 

About the caffeine.   I spent 5 minutes telling the woman over the counter how I wanted coffee that I really didn't want cause I wanted decaff tea they didn't have  CAUSE  when I drink caffeine at night I get a little crazy and can't sleep.  So after drinking this LARGE cup,  I began to suspect it was not decaffeinated and I think the others around me began to suspect that too.  And then I think my husband wondered all during the night.   And this morning as I feel very tired and a little kranky,  I SUSPECT  it was not decaffeinated. 

I will bring my own next time.

thanks for reading,