Friday, December 17, 2010

Back to Grace

I have not had much quiet since last week.  The wedding, which, as you know if you have four children and a husband, is not just picking out a pretty dress that doesn't class with the  bride's color scheme.  Oh No,  now we must sure ALL  of us don't clash with the color scheme or each other.  Then there is the stuff that goes along with this, the books everyone must pack, games, ipods,  downloading of new books on ipods,  etc. etc. etc.  (think the The King and I,  Yule Brenner)  Then back to life here with dental appts, music lessons,  etc. etc. etc.  You get the pictures.

Today I thought,  "I must get back to GRACE."   And I am so thankful God is using this book and His Word to work wonders in my heart this Christmas season.  I even got the compliment last night of what I am  doing (WORKS AGAIN!!  UGGH!)  to be so calm and cheerful.  (That's Grace, Ya'll!).   It's not me I am telling you.  God's Grace is working.  And if you don't believe it,  ask my mother.    On picking up the next chapter in The Disciplines of Grace by Jerry Bridges,  I am  learning the difference between regeneration and sanctification.  Yes,  we need to understand these two words, they are not just for pastors.  (Speaking of pastors, my youngest keeps asking for prayer for my 80 year old uncle at church.  Our pastor keeps asking God for his salvation.  I need to tell MY pastor my 80 yrold uncle is a RETIRED pastor and really needs prayers for health.)

Sanctification is the process by which we are made holy,  this being on a daily or secondly basis for some,  hmm.  Regeneration is the beginning act of this process,  when we realized our dire need for a savior.  When the word conformed or transformed is used in the Bible,  this is the process of sanctification.  This is actually encouraging.  I have been a Christian for  a long time,  and so many times because of my sinful natures desire to get out and party,  I begin to think, maybe I am not saved.  But it is a process,  a daily one that transforms my thoughts, my attitude, my actions, my motives into more Christlike ones.  I should be more like Christ now, than 2 years ago, or even two weeks ago.  The last part I read made me think,  hard.  What is my aim?   Am I desiring that all I do please the Father, which was Christ's aim,  or make myself more comfortable.  OUCH!  I love comfort.  Warm bed,  hot cappuccino,  slippers,  books all around me,  a vacuum cleaner (hey, clean floors make ME happy,  and I really think God also).  But how am I stepping out of my comfortableness  pleasing God?  Makes ya think,  huh?
  On another quick note,  we read the best Christmas book,  An Orange for Frankie Patricia Polocco.    It WILL make you cry so be prepared for tissue.  But we all loved it.  I will try and post more books we love for Christmas. 

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