Sunday, December 26, 2010


Random and varied thoughts.  That's all I have today.  So much going on.

1.  Two more vomiting bodies here.  Is there a disinfectant that's mists like that Glade mister scent thing?  We need one in every room,  possibly every outlet.

2.  Relationships are hard.  People can be difficult.  I told one of my kids if they didn't want to be part of a family, go find the nearest cave.  I will be looking for one tomorrow.

3.  Church is amazing.  God's people are amazing.  Maybe I will just move in at the church.

4.  We have a friend  whose husband has been gone 5 months and he got to come home on Christmas Day...and we got to cheer him  It was ffffuuuunnn...but cold.

5.  Do I have to have 10 of these thoughts?  Can I have so many thoughts that I run out because they are cancelling each positive and negative numbers?

6.  I have a rogue thought.  I have to start planning  school for next week.  How..When...What...

7.   Our church is beginning work week tomorrow.  I don't know whether to feel bad I can't go because of sick kids...or thank the kids. 

8.  Cancel last statement.  I love work week.  The food, fellowship,  and fun people. 

9.  We sang a song at church tonight about Jesus being my Peace.  I needed it.

10.  I am hooked on Cake Boss...but I can only see through season 2 cause that's all my netflix to tv thing has.  I want cake all the time now. 

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  1. I am proud to be the last man standing...and falling. Hope that stops the vomit train!


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