Monday, December 13, 2010

The New Excuse

It's my 40th Birthday today.  I am loving it!!  I tend to be a little...rebellious.  But usually only in the it- doesn't-really-matter-any- way, way.  So instead of having a melt down,  a pity party, or a mid-life crisis,  I am thrilled.  As my dad says, the alternative is worse!! 

When I was in my 20's,  I was super woman.  I could do it all, and don't tell me I couldn't!!  Then I birthed 4 chillins and people started telling me when things were a little.. um.. hectic just to say I homeschooled and/or had 4 wee ones.

Three kiddos with a wee one on the way!

  I rebelled at first, then found it quite convenient true.  But now, in my 40's,  with at least 2 pretty responsible people at the house,  that excuse isn't working.

 So as I talked with my husband over a quiet lunch today,  he said I could just say,  "oh,  it must be that 40's thing!"  and people would understand.  So if you read something and thing  "HEY"  or see something not quite well executed here on this blog,  just remember, 

I HAVE 9 MORE BIRTHDAYS TO GO with this excuse,  AND HEY  I am 40 TODAY!!

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