Saturday, December 4, 2010

5 Birthdays Party and Spoons

In our family we have 4 November birthdays, and then mine.  I won't post about mine until THE DAY because it is supposed to be life changing, thought provoking, REALLY grown up, and I am still waiting.....
Back  to the November birthdays.  My dad's is the 20th, my daughter's the 22, my niece's the 24, and another niece's the 27th..woof, or whoph or whoo or something like that.  Anyway,  this year we were all scattered when their birthdays came around, so we decided to have one big party here tonight.  Just so you know how loud it was,  there were 12 kids and 9 adults,  and one of the adults said his house had never been this loud in his entire life. He's 18.  That's a long time without noise.   Of course he grew up with just himself, his dad, and brother, but still... HIS WHOLE LIFE.  I couldn't decide if he was blessed or if we were.  I decided we were.   Anyway,   it was fun, loud,  (did I say that?)  full of chickens (in the dark, crazy kids)  food,  laughter (OK,  I have to stop and comment.  My brother works for the paper and he was trying out his sale pitches on us.  I think I just bought a YEARS worth of Sunday papers cause I firmly believe my kids will be uneducated,  I am actually losing money by not utilizing all the coupons, and I can compost the paper when I am done for my chicken coop, and some other reason that by this time I knew was for my own good.   This guys is good!!)  and games.  We taught my sister in law and company how to play SPOONS.   It was fast, furious, and full of fury.  Don't play if you get your feelings hurt easily.  Real easy to learn.  Use a deck of cards, some spoons from the drawer, and get in a circle on the floor.  Put the spoons in the center of the circle.  Deal out four cards each and the dealer begins to pick up cards from the left over pile one by one.  He passes the picked over card to his left and continues.  The next person does the same,  looking for a matching card.    The second goal is to get 4 of a kind.  The REAL goal is to get a spoon from the center of the floor. The first person to get 4 of a kind SMOOTHLY reaches for a spoon.  Others will take notice and the fury begins.   You don't want to be LAST.  If you are,  you're out of the game.  You continue to play losing one player at a time until there is just one, the WINNER.   Lots of fun and a great game to get people warmed up.  Course you may lose some people if they are sensitive.  Thankfully we desensitize people as we come in contact with them or they with our family. 

I was going to show some pics, but they were too dark.  I am really terrible with pics, and I love them on other blogs.  I will try to do better.  

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  1. What a fun night! Thanks for hosting the party. It was memorable!


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