Monday, October 10, 2011


I am extremely talented husband somehow fixed this machine that hasn't worked for 3 or 4 weeks....and now there are so many posts I want to do I don't know where to begin. 

Sweet potatoes...boy howdy..

Travelling...I have been watching travel channels for days now...

Tables...still working on one

Chairs...still working on one...

And as a side note,  I REALLY DESPISE CRAFTING!!!!

Life..still happening.

Arkansas living...thought you might like to know what we do around here for fun...besides raise chickens..

Swim meets...had our first official USA meet...interesting..

But for now,  we'll just get on with the menu for the week...such as it is...

Mon.   Chicken Fried Steak which my talented 15 yr old will make,  probably with mashed tators and a salad

Tues.   Broccoli Quiche...apples and carmel sauce

Wed.  Some kind of grilled sandwich with fruit and raw veggies

Thur.  Curried Lentils and Potatoes from Hillbilly Housewife (if I find the link will post)

Fri.  Breakfast with Cinnamon rolls.  I Feel the NEED!!

Sat.   Probably pizza calzones...just sayin'

So there we go...a weeks worth of menu items.   Enjoy your week.

thanks for reading,



  1. Shut up! I am making broccoli quiche tomorrow night, too. Great minds. Glad you're back - I sent you a sweet potato recipe a few minutes ago.

  2. welcome back. expecting great posts


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