Monday, October 10, 2011

Favorite Show EVER!!

OK,  so...we don't watch a ton of tv around here...not much on that isn't steeped in perversion...and reason #200098  for homeschooling is to push back the age of exposure..BUT...

our favorite show is....

I specifically plan no lessons or errands or dates or..or...anything just to be home at 7 pm to watch.  I have not been a big fan of reality game shows,  but this....
only voices,  no instruments,  no extras.   And the judges are ..well..goofy.   But the singers...WOW!

We each have our favorites.  I am loving the girl group Delilah,

and North Shore.  OH BOY what a great group of men.

My daughter and son love Pentatonix.

We have others that we like but these are our favorites.  

If you have nothing to do on Monday nights and need a filler...of course you could immerse yourself in something profitable like the studying of God's Word and service to others,  or you could immerse yourself in the culture and follow along,  like we are...and waste your time...and fill your head with songs you had never heard before...and you will have to tell your young children not to sing that song, it isn't nice and was only cleaned up for the pick another one like Bring in the Sheaves or no one knows we watch this stuff on tv.

  Except now you do.

  Please don't judge me.

thanks for reading,



  1. Okay, now you need to remind me about this next Monday. Not your problem, you say?

  2. I just love how you say Don't Judge. :D I always miss this show. I need to start DVRing it.

  3. I'm shocked! I've never watched shows like that...or American Idol...or The Bachelor. It's just shameful! I'm with you on the girl group - they were amazing.


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