Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thoughts on the Word ...and some chicken pics

I have been reading chronologically through the Bible this year.  LOVE IT.   I think it makes the prophets and their prophecies come alive.  Here are some thoughts on today's reading. 

Isaiah 2:22 Stop regarding man
in whose nostrils is breath,
for of what account is he?

We puff man up here on earth.  Books (and shows) about self help,  about pefecting our beauty, knowledge  (ouch!), homes,  gardens,  food.  It is all to puff ourselves up.  Here God is saying "of what account is he?"  Ouch again!  Other scripture talks of the shortness of life.  

Job 7:7  "remember that my life is a breath."

Psalm 39:5  "Surely all mankind stands as a mere breath !"

Psalm 78:33  "So he made  their days vanish like  a breath."

Go ahead..take a breath.  That is how fast our life here on earth will seem from the viewpoint of eternity.  I don't want to be like the Israelites in whom God was quite unhappy.  He looked at their big houses,  fine food,  beautiful gardens,  rich clothing,  false worship,  broken relationships,  and led them to be exiled.   I want my breath,  my short time here to bring honor to God.  Thanks to the Lord for all my "counselors"  (parents,  pastors, friends)  who also desire this and can help me get back on the righteous path when I vere off. 

Take time today to evaluate your "breath".  Is God saying "of what account are you"  because of your misplaced sense of self importance...or are you making your breath be counted worthy of Christ?

a little heavy today,  but such a good reminder!!

And here are the chic pics.

   I bought 10 white chickies from TSC in April.  I hoped they were good for this area and for egg laying. 

Here are all 10 of them in a plastic bin.  My son and I quickly made another for longer term.

I think it is wonderful.  So did the chics.  We made it with pvc pipes we had laying around,  zip ties, and fencing.  I think knowing a little geometry would have made this job a lot easier. 


Here is what they look like 11 weeks later. 

Here is a pic with a comparison to the 1 1/2 yr old layers and the crazy rooster.  (Story coming's ...well...long.)

It turns out I bought White Leg Horns,  which are great egg layers and tolerate heat very well.  Good thing!!  We already had one Orpington die from this heat.  I have 3 others and some Red Sex Links.  I pray they make it. 

Last pic for you with a question.  What do chickens do when it gets hot?

Go swimming.  Sheesh!!  It IS the south.  (In case you can't see it,  that bin has water in it.  The chickens were lining up to get in and cool off.  I may need to do that myself.

Stay cool,  drink water,  and go play with your kids.  Mine beat me HAPPILY AND GLEEFULLY at Parcheesi.



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