Saturday, September 3, 2011


It's been a long summer.  Actually, a long year, but this summer has dragged on and on and on.  Since I don't associate summer with the end of school and the end of summer with the beginning of school (we school year around!)  then the beginning of public school means nothing to me.  Well, it means we don't have to tell the neighbor children that the kids can play after lunch, but other than that ....

The end of summer for me is the beginning of cooler weather and getting to be outdoors more.  I have been planning big time, as it seemed the summer was so hot and busy we couldn't do much in the way of "project" (or evil intentions as the rest of my family says!!).  So I have been searching and planning and hoping and waiting and dreaming  (Is this a song?)  Here is some of my searching and planning and know!

There is something in me (probably my experiences growing up!)  that says camping is really good for kids and families.  But we have a tent that is like a cave,  and I feel very CLOSE to everyone in it.  So I am suggesting something like this for a tent.  I am fascinated with the idea of .......

GLAMPING!   Can't you see that all would be well at night with this sort of camping? I wouldn't actually bring my bed and dresser,  ....  but....  I could improvise with camping type stuff and be content to stay more than one night.  I think this is the way to go and I am REALLY hoping to convince SOMEONE that I need this.  The kids have laughed at me but I think I will get in the last laugh.  While they "camp" out in their cave,  I can have this whole tent  by myself....WOO HOO!!

Another project I am looking forward to is remodeling the living room.  We have a HIDEOUS fire place( the people are great, the fire place is awful!) and my friend Kelly said she would help me get going on it. We  I also want to scrape the popcorn off the ceiling,  fix the dry wall in the corner,  paint,  put in a new fan and lights,  replace the rotting door and accouterments, and THEN buy furniture that appeals to my cottagy, country, relaxed self.  Is that too much??  Here are a couple of ideas. 

This is clean,  light,  relaxing,  BUT a little too formal.  I do like the colors, but I think  I want a bit of bold blue somewhere. 

Here is the paneling look I am going for on the fireplace.  I don't want to panel all the way up the wall, just up to the  mantel.  Then Cover the rest of the brick with dry wall and paint.  Not to much, eh?  Oh,  and we have a wood burning stove in the fireplace that must be accepted.  Huh....

Did I tell you that I have severely injured my shoulder and can hardly life a thing?  Or get dressed alone, or shave?  Yes, but I DO so want to do some things around here.  Well,  I can plan can't I?  And whine to you?  And you won't say a word.  I know. 

thanks for reading,



  1. Not one word, sweetheart. And your mommy will help you.

  2. Ahhh, glamping....or anything else with the word "glam" in it. I'd love to help with the living room - I could be your personal shopper or something.


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