Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Day at the Lake

We can do that, you know.  Homeschooling has so many advantages, one of them being when the need/opportunity arises to go to the lake, you do.  We actually planned this a couple of weeks ago and the day was perfect....if you count hot and humid as perfect. 

I am so very tired from the day and from trying to choke down a Cabbage Soup Diet (could not do it!!!)  so I will just post pics. 

So I leave you with a picture of a hiney.  This is what they kids did the whole day...look for muscles.  They found over 150.   Twelve kids,  5 adults,  a very happy day.   The Lord was so Good to us.

thanks for reading,



  1. i thought muscles were in salt water? hmm.
    looks like yall had fun.

  2. Fun Times! I'm SO tired right's an early bedtime for me :)
    Hope you got some real food!


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