Monday, September 12, 2011

Gotta Love Fall Soup Days


We have not had the air conditioner on for ONE WHOLE WEEK!  Last night we did have to turn it on but it only came on for a short time and nada since then.  After having to use it constantly because of this past summer heat,  it was such a joy and brought hopeful thoughts of cool fall days.  Of course, I live in Arkansas which means we could have summer heat all the way to Thanksgiving!!  Lord help me!

So in honor of the cool days past, and the hope of cool days to come,  here is the menu for the week.

Mon.    Haley's special chili.  She makes great chili.  She even demonstrated one year for the Homemakers group of 4-H.  Of course we have cornbread and I throw in a small salad. 

Tues.   Baked Potatoes,  my Rachael's favorite meal.  With fixin's of course, like broccoli,  bacon, cheese and butter. 

Wed.   Honey Garlic Chicken with rice and sweet peas from the garden.  Speakin' of which,  it's the pits right now.

Thur.   Tomato Soup with garlic cheese bread and a salad.  We have lots of lettuce at our house right now. 

Fri.  The girls have a tea party at my moms and they will be having Pizza Fondue with homemade bread sticks.  It think after that big lunch we will have sandwiches for dinner with fruit. 

Sat.  Sausage Egg Casserole with homemade cinnamon rolls.  Oh My Goodness!!

Sun.  A good old fashioned Roast with the Fixins (rice with brown gravy,  beans, rolls, oh, and maybe a sweet potato casserole from this....

It's difficult to read, but this measured 7 in.   I had begun to think we planted decorative sweet potatoes,  but this just popped up on Sat.  Yeah!!  I love sweet potatoes.  Of course this won't be good for baking, but boiling and eating it in a souffle will  taste great. 

Have a wonderful week of eating and laughing with your family,

thank for reading,


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  1. sounds good. we have sweet potatoes planted too but havent checked them yet. maybe its time?

  2. this menu sounds delicious. All of it! And the potato is gorgeous. I dug up one of mine and it's about 3" long! Not ready yet!

  3. Ya know we are free Sunday. Just saying. ;D


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