Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Look what we made last night!!


My sister had been telling me how wonderful this pesto pizza she made was.  And since I had "MAKE HOMEMADE PIZZA" on the menu,  I thought I would give it a try.  I LOVE pesto,  homemade bread, and fresh food from my garden.  This was going to be GREAT!

We had Kevin over yesterday...he saw all the school drama,  the chore drama,  the musical instrument drama,  and the clean up dinner drama.  I am sure he will NEVER get married and have children.  ANYWAY...he made the dough.  First time to  make pizza dough for him.  We work him around here,  no slackers except me in  THIS house. 

I am STILL getting used to having a camera.  So there are no before pics,  but here are our after-we-made-our-pizza pics. 

Before I forget, we used the pizza recipe found in the June Southern Living magazine.   There are some GREAT ideas and recipes here. 

Southern Living Magazine June Issue

Ultimate goodness.  Well, in taste that is.  Here is my boy absolutely cherishing each precious bite.  He even cherished one of my daughters pizzas as well.  I hope he cherishes his wife this much.  My thoughts go this route quite often.

Does anyone else watch their kids (some days!)  and think,  "I don't think I can save enough money to PAY someone to marry this child!!"  And then other days think,  "I don't think someone can pay ME enough to marry this child!!"  I think it may relate to the age.  We have one young lady,  one almost youth,  one in upper elementary and one in lower elementary.  The hormones RAGE at this house....and not just from me.

And you thought this was a post about cooking...

No wonder my kids think I am crazy!! 

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  1. The pizza looks fantastic. I recently made pesto pizza too... We had pizza night and the kids and I made it together. The crust looks good... is that recipe from Southern Living too?

  2. that pizza looks just too good, xo hugs I am participating in WILW this week too! so happy to visit you!


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