Monday, May 23, 2011

Menu Monday..What IS for dinner?

I have lots of food at the house....but no good ideas.  Nothing sounds good because we are so busy it is difficult to figure out  logistics.  (Cool word put in here for my husband so he thinks I am really smart and listen well!!)

Here is what I am is only that...thoughts.  We will see if this actually works.

Mon.    Buy a rotisserie chicken from Walmart and fill tortillas with salad and whatnot form the fridge,  raw veggies with ranch,  fruit salad.  We have store bought cookies in the cabinet for dessert.  This must be taken with us to swimming as we have 3 hours of practice tonight. 

Tue.   Poor mans beef stroganoff in the crock pot.  Green beans and homemade rolls from yesterday.

Wed.  Baked talapia rolled  in some bread crumb stuff someone gave me,  Turkish rice,  some veggie from the freezer.

Thur.  I WANT HOMEMADE PIZZA.  I have  cheese, fresh basil,  tomatoes,  mushrooms,  and I am sure I can find something else to put on this.  Fresh salad from the garden.  And a jar of pesto..there, that sounds good!!

Fri.  Not sure if you have guessed this or not,  but we have breakfast every Friday night.  TRADITION!!  (sing like Tevye from fiddler on the roof!!)  I am not sure what we will have, but I know it will involve EGGS, (not from our chickens but hopefully in about 8 weeks!!),  sweet bread, and fruit.

Sat.  MOST LIKELY we will have a crawfish boil with all my family and Kevin who will have just graduated that afternoon.  It involves crawfish,  potatoes,  corn on the cob,  and sausage.  If you have never eaten at one of these,  it is an experience, let me tell you.  You need long tables,  lots of newspaper,  low cardboard boxes, cajun music,  and plenty of sweet tea and paper towels.  Clean up is a snap and laughter is abundant. 

Sun.  I think this day may be our join-the-church-at-Wendy's day.  After the busyness of the week,  I would enjoy it. 

Can't wait to see what other's are eating this week.  I hope to get some good ideas for next week.

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