Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One day as I went walking...

On Mother's Day my mother, sister, sil, sil's mother, friend, and myself went for a little walk.   We actually took a tour of homes in the historic Quawpaw District of Little Rock.  I had never taken one before and wasn't sure what to expect.  Our first home was very unique.  We kept exclaiming how fresh the paint was on the banisters and trim and how the owners must have spent a lot of time "sprucing"  up the old place.  Then we learned the house had just been renovated that year.  So I guess the paint job was new.  Here is the crew before going into the old/new house.

The pictures I took are of things I really liked from any of the 5 homes we toured.  I probably should have taken more,  but there were SOO many people going through these homes.  Where did these people come from?  Were there this many people interested in seeing other peoples houses?  How have I not known this was THE place to be on Mother's Day?   We met people we knew passing in the halls, looking through the cabinets (just joking,  I only opened 2 doors to see if they were closets or doorways,  both times closets.). 

This first picture is of an outdoor light fixture I would LOVE to have in my house. 

This next picture is of a curved transom stained glass.  It is original to the house.  Kindof adds a little something extra to the porch, doesn't it?

I LOVE this kind of table.  Someday, my boys are going to make one of these for me.  (HINT, HINT!!!!!)

When/if we do a kitchen renovation,  I want this as my back splash.  I absolutely LOVED these tiles.  And they are BLUE!!

In one home,  as you walked up the stairs,  this was facing you in the turn.  When you turned to finish walking up,  there was another larger area on the other side. Can't you just envision book cases,  cozy chairs and lamps,  a little wooden doll house,  and a box of blocks?  (I am wiping the drool off the keyboard now!)

We have a pitiful attempt at a water feature in our front yard.  A project to be tackled SOON!!  This little waterfall and pond was just what my mind sees in my yard.  So I took LOTS of pictures to have as inspiration.  I think I may be  the only  one inspired by it  around here.


What can I say about THIS?

Yes,  that is a chair,  with fabric somehow glued to a firm shell, well lit from within.  I wanted to sit on it so bad but we were being watched.  Who buys this kind of stuff anyway?  And NOOO, I don't love this.  I just had to show you. 

And that is the tour of my favorite things on the tour.  My most favorite thing was this...

the sweet women in my life who made the tour SOO much fun.  Thanks ladies!!!  I would go anywhere with you.

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  1. I didn't know they had this. If/when I am ever in Little Rock, I'll be sure to visit...esp since I have to see that lit-up chair. Wow...who thought that up? =p Are the home open to visits all year round?

  2. What fun! I LOVE that upstairs nook area. It looks soooo cozy.
    The lit chair cracks me up. Where do people get these ideas? You wouldn't want to wear a white skirt and sit in that seat!

  3. What a fun tour, I also LOVE that backsplash-gorgeous! My dad and step mom just moved to Hot Springs Village and she would love this, is it always open?

  4. that is really cool! Great photos. I LOVE the table too. Rustic BIG farmhouse tables are my favorite.


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