Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What Happened on Saturday

I have LOVED having chickens and fresh eggs at the house, right in my back yard.  I love to watch them scratching for bugs,  I love to hear them clucking and talking to one another,  I love they way they look, and I love going out to the  coop and gathering eggs.

I guess I wrote about the dogs eating 8 of my nine chickens about a month or so ago.  I was devastated and a little discouraged.  I thought we had trained our kids better about closing doors and gates, and I should have checked up on them.  One night all three gates were open and the chickens had no chance.  I felt a little guilty.

I brought two chickens home from our church to keep the one lone survivor company and they were happy together.  I was getting 2 or 3 eggs a day.  Then one morning my 9 yr old daughter went out to water them and found one of the little girls dead, no head and no leg.  We could see her insides and noticed an egg she was going to lay that morning.  The kids wanted to collect the egg before we buried her but I thought....NAW!!

A couple of nights ago,  I asked around the family to make sure someone had closed the gates, got reassurances that they were closed, so I went to bed.  I usually look out at the chickens when I wake up, and Saturday morning I noticed the gates were open and there were no chickens.  Hoping they were behind the shed, I went out to find them,  and found feathers.

I was so SAD.   Was it worth it,  keeping these animals,  feeding them, naming them?   I think it is.  I have 8 more growing in the garage.  I am determined to have chickens and fresh eggs.  I want to here their squawking at each other,  here the cackling when and egg is laid,  see them running across the yard.  But THIS time I will be the checker for the gate.  No more taking it for granted.

Here are the  ugly  gangly little chicks.  

About now they have such long necks and their feathers are falling out and coming in all at the same time.  I love to hear them chirping. 

I have high hopes for this crew of 8.  I may be getting more in a few weeks.  I wouldn't mind having 12.  That's a GOOD amount of eggs.

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  1. Oh my I did not know all your chickens were eaten. That makes me sad too!!! Bad DOGS! I hope these chicks make it. Their eggs are such a blessing. Randy brought home white, did you hear me, WHITE eggs. I about threw him out of the house. He said I don't want to to pay $3 for cage free eggs. I said, "honey, the organic cage free are $3. I just buy the cage free." We go through so many eggs the dozen or so I get from the chicks don't last us very long. :D One day he will appreciate it.

  2. That is really gross - seeing the egg inside the chicken. But, it would have been even grosser (is that a word?) to collect the egg from inside a dead chicken...just seems wrong somehow. Give the little chicks a pat pat from me :)


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