Thursday, April 7, 2011


I love my family.  I love my immediate one,  my father and mother and brother and sister and their spouses,  and my parents families.  I think I have the best family anywhere,  not perfect but best. 

My mom has one brother and one sister.  My Aunt Betty lives in Florida and has always spoiled us rotten whenever she sees us.  When I was little, we were a very healthy eating family,  no sugar, no caffeine, no chips,  we grew our own bean sprouts, added fiber to our juice, and took lots of vitamins.  I have no regrets,  CAUSE,  when we would see Aunt Betty and Uncle Tommy they would provide all the junk we wanted,  Kool Aid,  Cheetos,  ice cream,  OH YUM!!  

35 years later,  my Aunt Betty still spoils me.   When we were there in January they bought us delicious Florida honey,  a real treat.  My parents just visited them a couple of weeks ago, and Aunt Betty did it again. 

I have dishes that were my dad's moms.

 They are blue and white from Currier and Ives.  I love the scenes displayed on them,  but much more do I love the memories I have of my grandmother when I use the plates.  My mom brought me a bowl from my Aunt Betty that MATCHES the dishes.  She had it in her cabinet and as they were cleaning up one day, my mom mentioned it looked to be a match to my dishes.  My aunt promptly said to give it to me.  What spoiling!!

I know there are good people in every family,  but I think I have most of them right in mine.  THANKS AUNT BETTY ...and not to leave UNCLE TOMMY  out.  Love you both!!

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