Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines, Princesses, and Indians

We had an unbelievably full week last week.  On Wednesday the weathermen predicted LOTS of snow, which we, of course, did not believe would amount to much.  Oh. My.  Kid Heaven. 

Yes, this say 7 1/2 inches, but I think we ended up with 9 total.  Unheard of in Arkansas.  And I would like to point out that I believe Global Warming is a big fib!

By Friday the roads had cleared up enough we could go to the annual Valentine party.  The kids make or take valentines, boxes,  and we moms bring snacks.  Some moms bring crafts, and games.  The favorite game is Valentine Bingo.   This mom brings little things she collects from around her house and they are the prizes.  You should see all the gathering and talking that goes before the game begins.  And whoever wins the prize they wanted,  boy howdy,  hootin' and hollerin'.

The shirts with the flowers my mom and daughter made for all the granddaughters.  They are so talented. 

Saturday morning, was Princess Party Day.  Once a year some wonderful ladies at church give a Princess Party for all the girls, age 3 to high school.  My girls love it.  They pick out pretty dresses,  plan their hair do's,  practice their catwalk, and talk, talk, talk.  The morning of I am running around crazy because my princesses don't look all ...put together.  This is not my cup of tea, and if I were their age I probably wouldn't have gone because it is very intimidating. 

At the party they drink tea,

  talk,  put on makeup,  some people like to have their hair fixed by my talented eldest daughter, 

they make a craft, and then prance down the catwalk to music.  It is very fun and special.  My girls, and I know the other girls, feel very beautiful and special.

THEN,  and because I know you all want to know EVERY detail of our week,  we had and Indian dinner for the the other men left at the airbase.  I forgot to get pictures of this.  But the Indian men sure didn't  They took pictures and made lots of videos to take home to their families.  This lets them know Americans are as crazy as they thought. 

Sunday was the Day of Carnage which was in a previous post and...I really don't want to talk about it anymore.  Just saying,   

This weekend I will be going to a wonderful conference.  I really hope I remember a camera.  And food money,  and I am a little anxious since my sister wants to go to IKEA and you know...she's a designer and we have ANOTHER designer coming with us and then my sister in law who likes to decorate,   and my mom who loves IKEA...and then ME.  HMMM. Should be interesting,

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