Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Menu for this week

As soon as I get the time, maybe this weekend,  I will learn how to link up to things like Menu Monday.  But for now,  I am a lone chicken. 

Can I do a menu three days into the week?  Yes,  I Can,  and I Will, and I Am.  Here it is.

Mon.   Husband I went to Mimi's and I made the kids homemade mac and cheese from the
Pioneer Woman's cookbook.  I am sure you could find it on her blog.
Tues.  Stir fry with leftover rice and chicken and frozen veggies
Wed.  Eldest making ham, cheese, and potato casserole
Thur.  Beef and cheese enchiladas
Fri.  I will make homemade cinnamon rolls, and then head out for the conference.  The husband is a good egg scrambler and bacon cooker.
Sat.  I told them to order two Little Ceasar's Pizzas.  The family would have anyway, and this way I look benevolent.
Sun.  Lunch at Wendy's with half our church.  Again,  it's all about me looking so kind in their eyes. 

Two things I want to work on these next few weeks:  Eating up food in our fridge and pantry until it looks almost bare.  I have a feeling I buy too much and don't use what I have.  I don't throw much away,  but we always seem to have very full cabinets and fridge. 

Second, I want to use more coupons and make menus from the sales flyers.  I have learned a couple of secrets of couponing,  and would like to try them out.  But if my fridge and freezer are full, I feel guilty about buying like that.  Hence,  the first plan on eating up stuff. 

Anyone else have  kids that wish they lived in a house with a mom who just cooked normal food and didn't like trying different ethnic foods?  I keep telling them they may be missionaries in a very foreign country and will have to at least try strange food.  They may as well get used to it while they are young.  In honor of this thought,  maybe I should try what the Headmistress ate last week over at the Common Room.  Now I think that is brave.

thanks for reading,



  1. Always enjoy reading your blog.... And yes, my kids would like "normal" food but at least once a week I cook something unusual!

  2. A lone chicken,huh? Was that a play on words? Not meaning to make you grieve anymore than you have. Just thought it was ironic. Love, love, and looking forward to the weekend.


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