Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We had a very busy weekend.   Parties, dinners, shopping, cooking, and on top of all that...we lost 8 chickens.  Well actually, we know where they are,  but they are capoot,  nixed,  done in,  gone.    We were very foolish and lazy owners of 9 WONDERFUL CHICKENS WHO GAVE US 7-8 FRESH EGGS A DAY.  We foolishly left not one, not two, but three different gates open,  and a HUGE  dog came and had his fill.  Only one little black chicken left,  and she is very traumatized.  We took two chickens from our  church and brought them to be pals with her,  and she laid us a beautiful egg today.  Very sweet of her.

It was awful to view the carnage, and then my absolutely wonderful valentine-of-a-husband took the remains away so I wouldn't have to see the results of my foolish  lazy behavior .  Can I just say I learned a valuable lesson?  And can I also say the way to my heart is through deeds like this?  Thanks, Honey!!

And yes,  we plan on ordering more chickens to come in three weeks from now.  I really like my farm fresh eggs.    I will get a pic up of the borrowed chickens soon.  They are my girls very favorite from when some friends and I began a chicken coop two years ago. 

Sad but very valuable day, 

thanks for reading,


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  1. Awww. D is so sweet. And that was the way to his heart - all that affirmation. Good job! And I am sorry about know.


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