Monday, November 14, 2011

The tale of Flopsy Bunny

We woke up early,  wind blowing,  chickens cackling, the just two of us.  Most mornings it is ...just the two of us.  The quiet,  the time to think,  the snuggling...

This morning we were drinking our tea and  looked out the window.

 There she was.  The sweetest, fuzziest, brown bunny.  Of course her name became Flopsy.  We watched a minute.   Then the little kid in us wanted to go outside to see it.  The adult in us said she will run away the minute we open the door. 

But she stayed.  Then big, smart, careful brother woke.  "Let's go sit outside and watch her."  Joy, joy, joy!!

Flopsy stayed,  brother stayed.  Sister got cold.  Mommy watched to see what would happen with all three. 

Yeah!!  Big brother kept her warm.  They moved a little closer.  Flopsy just stared and stayed and wiggled her nose.  Humans have such a smell!!  They moved closer.  What would Flopsy do?

  She stayed!!!!  Those humans must have been awfully quiet and good.  A discussion soon followed.

 "Let's catch her and keep her.  She could have babies and we could have lot's of bunnies to play with.  Maybe we could collect their poop and sell it for fertilizer.  Then we could start a breeding program here on the ranch and begin to sell  pure bred, domesticated wild bunnies.  We could make millions"

"No,  if we move again she will run away.  Don't move,  just be still.  Maybe I could set a trap and catch her.  Then I could skin her and eat her meat and sell her hide.  That will be the beginning of my fur enterprise out here in the backwoods.  We'll never have to go to town again.  I will clothe you all in fur and feed you rabbit meat.  I heard it helps in weight loss.  Mom will like that."

Then a fight broke out  (no pics, please!!!!) .  Words were spoken, tears were shed,  the peace of the morning shattered into a million pieces,  and we all had to get ready for church. 

But I tell you,  it was fun to watch,  both for me and the kids.  And what a way to begin..hmmm...a Sunday,  watching a sweet animal the Lord of all creation made,  that He sustains, and allowed us to see. 

Enjoy your day and be sure to praise your Creator, the one who sustains you,

thanks for reading,


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  1. Love the story, but I love the pictures even more! What a wonderful thing to capture on film! I can't believe the bunny came that close and the kids stayed that still!

  2. What a precious wonderful story! That will be a treasured memory.


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