Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crafty Bekka

As you know..I have a problem with Saturdays.   I wake up ready to tackle...the day,  the house,  my kids,  the yard,  any and all house projects on our ever growing list other 5/6's...well...don't. 

I am learning how to deal with this without driving everyone crazy..including myself. 

So here is what I decided to do THIS Sat., Sun., and today..DON'T LAUGH!!!

NOO,  I didn't make this,  well...I did because I ripped it off an've  been married almost 19 years and I think it was a wedding gift...that  OLD, and dusty, and faded, and...nasty lamp shade.   And made

THIS!!  Yes,  I know, we are all in shock.  And I can't get this pic to turn around so turn the computer or your head.  Sorry.  Here's another view.

Can't seem to get this to turn either.  Here is another one I worked on.

  It has some wrinkles I am not happy with BUT...please people,  in the grand scheme of things...I CRAFTED AND LIKE IT... mostly.  But seriously,  I crafted.  I don't think most of you know how absolutely amazing this is.  And last, but not least,  to totally shock my tiny world,  here is the last project I (almost) finished.

I took this ugly seat with some snacks ready for someone  (Again,  I can't figure out why these pics won't turn.  I am sorry.  Hope you stick around for the after.) and it turn out like this. 

I am definitely not good at putting colors together, as in,  I would not have chose white for the chair and then the brownish with red for the material.  I LOVE the material.  I paid $20 for the chair at GW,  and $3 for 2 kings size pillow shams.  They worked great.  I still have to glue a small strip on the arms but it is ready to sit in.  In fact, one of my girls,  it went into their room, which my wonderfully talented and wonderful mom and sister rearranged a couple of months ago, slept in the chair last night.  I did move her cause I could just hear the crying about a crick in the neck the next morning. 

I would like to take a class to help me with the next projects;  but I have to say,  this has been one of the first crafty things that I enjoyed the process AND the results. 

Stay tuned for a word from our sponser...I mean for more projects which I WISH had a sponser. 

thanks for reading,



  1. Oh, wow, Oh, wow, Oh, wow! You are the bestest crafter I ever did see! I can't believe it! My goodness gracious sakes alive! You mean YOU did that and not a professional? Oh, wow, Oh, wow, Oh, wow! Whew! You're GOOD!

  2. i'm impressed..give yourself a pat on the back.

  3. I LOVE the lampshades! That is the cutest fabric - so whimsical for you. The chair looks amazing. Bekka went crafting, yeah,yeah,yeah, yeah I'm so proud of you!

  4. I will come show you how to turn your photos. Love it all!!! Great job Rebekah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I am impressed! Would give me some tips? I have a chair in my garage right now I want to redo.


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