Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Something Borrowed..Something Green, PInk, Yellow, but No Blue

This morning has been very calm and peaceful.  Just what the Lord knew I needed after Crazy Monday.  Which is EVERY Monday. 

I walked outside with my favorite son and we stopped and listened.  We watched a Blue Jay peel bark off new branches and plucked small twigs, most likely to build a nest with his mate waiting in the branches above.  I have never seen a Blue Jay in the process of  making his nest.  We were fascinated.

Next we heard a humming sound that seemed to get louder by the nano second.  A colorful Ruby Throated Hummingbird buzzed by our head to let us know he was watching us.  We looked as he drank sugar water from our feeder, then zoomed out to meet his mate waiting in the Rose of Sharon bush close by. 

Then we watched a large bumble bee land on the Azaleas and proceed to find all the pollen he could, and flit to another flower to do the same. 

Don't be shocked....but I borrowed my daughter's camera and am now going to show you a picture.

Can you see the black spot in the middle?  I am thankful I could give you this shot, but I do wish it were clearer.  His colors were so deep.

My youngest daughter scrambled around under a HUGE hosta and found a frog.

  We had to find a house for it and try to feed it a worm.  Not sure how that is going.  Will let you know it's fate later.

Next we looked at the chickens.  Can you see in the middle of the tree?

There were four chickens hiding in there.  They are so silly.

  Pretty soon they will be too big and I am sure a fight will break out.  They are constantly battling for "queen"  and so far there are no winners.

We decided to head to the garden and see what has grown in the last 12 hrs since I last drooled walked by.  Oh look what a week does to a garden!!!  I am in love with growing things. 

These are beans.   I love how they send up tiny tendrils that curl and seek out a place to catch hold.  I try to go by and gently place them on the line.

Lettuce.  We had a wonderful salad last night with this lettuce and some spinach.  I am sure it was extra healthy.  See the little fern like plants growing in between?  I guess the kids planted carrots and lettuce together.  We'll see how it works.

This is a long post,  but with a camera in hand there is so much to talk about.  SEE???   These are some plants growing around the house.  I am NOT a green thumb.  In the past I have only successfully grown hostas and ferns.  But I think with age I have more patience.  At least with plants.  Hopefully God will help me transfer that to people. 

Wasn't that so much more interesting than just words?  Thanks to my eldest who loaned me her camera. 

My husband thought a post about all the camera's I have had in the past and what has become of them would be interesting.  I couldn't really remember much,  so I think I can't post on that.  Maybe a post about how things get lost,  children break things,  and life is crazy homeschooling with four kids would be better.  Or maybe one on forgive and forget and buy a new one would be good.  I will have to ponder this. 

thanks for reading,  (and looking!!)


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  1. Thanks for joining Nature Study Tuesday. I am so jealous of your garden. ;) lol All our stuff is still "underground" lol.

  2. I love how you planted the carrots among the lettuce. Great idea!

  3. You have a beautiful array of garden goodies & love it that you have chickens! i am a new chicken owner myself & really enjoying these gals! xoox, tracie

  4. I love the cinder block borders in your garden - that's genius! My raised beds all fell apart over winter, I think I will suggest to my husband that we try cinder block replacements!

  5. I popped over from the Tuesday Garden the chickens in the tree! Your garden is coming along fast...we have made two new boxes with cement blocks as well but they are going to be for flowers.

    I enjoyed my visit.

  6. I LOVE THIS POST! Thanks for sharing all the beauty with us. Wonderful!

  7. Your garden looks quite lovely....and I think you fooled everyone into thinking you ARE a green thumb. Hmmmm, maybe you are getting to be after all. Can't wait to taste some of your yummy garden treats.

  8. Yeah, I think you're going to have to rethink your "not a green thumb" thing- your veggies are definitely thriving! Good for you, and thanks for joining in at TGP!

    -Jami@ An Oregon Cottage


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