Monday, March 14, 2011


I used to make 2 week menus.  I figured if it took me 20 to make 1 it probably wouldn't take no more than 22 to make 2.  Then things got a little crazy here at the house and I am struggling to make 1 each week.  Plus,  it seems my schedule changes every 2 hrs.  .

THIS week looks like this for dinners.

Mon.  Chicken and Leeks in a creamy sauce  over noodles,  salad,  crescent rolls

Tues.  Pizza Calzones,  salad

Wed.  Beef stew (using discounted steaks,  we'll see how it turns out)  homemade rolls 

Thur.  ST. PATRICK'S DAY CELEBRATION  Each year we celebrate St Patties Day.  I like his message of forgiveness because of Christ and a lifetime of service to the God.  But we also like Corn Beef and Cabbage,  potatoes,  green sides,  Irish soda bread, and either pistachio cake or Irish Cream cake.  Depending on the age of the kids,  we have watched Veggies Tales Version of St. Patrick's story,  read a story,  or  had the kids tell the story.  This year we will try to put on a short skit,  and then we are a having a limerick showdown.  My family comes over plus a couple of add ons.  So 22 in all.  Should be great FUN.

Fri.   Breakfast with muffins,  egg casserole,  orange julius

Sat.  Date with Husband, probably for Sushi!  Kids eat WHATEVER!

Sun.  Chicken Pot Pie made by dearest eldest child. 

This gets difficult.  I should probably stick to a few well loved favorites, but I DO LOVE variety. 

Remember when I was going to eat out of freezer and fridge?  WELL....   my husband and I read some articles on foods that were going up because of other food shortages.  So we stocked up on a few things,  also,  I have not had a moment to plan the 2 week freezer cooking.   Hopefully soon.   This past Sat. was SOOO nice that we filled in our raised beds and planted our spring crop.  SOOO exciting.  my kind of day.  Sun, dirt,  promises of future food by the grace of God. 

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  1. So Sorry you're sick. St Patties just wasn't the same without you.


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