Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grey ...Cloudy...Blue

It has been grey and cloudy or stormy for days now.  When the days are like this I seem to go around in a fog.   I tried to write a post but felt it a little....BLUE.  So here are some thoughts from the past few days.

A.   I have begun watching Sarah's House.  I LOVE IT!   It makes me want to tear down walls and redecorate rooms. makes me want to HIRE someone to do that.  Which makes this whole idea a DREAM.

B.  I have been TRYING  to get up and do 30 min of exercise each day.  Someone gave me a Walk the Walk video...but the lady's chipper attitude at 6 am is NOT encouraging.  So  I mute her and listen to the Daily Audio Bible.  Much better.  I have never enjoyed chipper first thing in the morning.  My precious mother used to wake us up with this song;

Good Morning to you,  Good Morning to you.  We're all in our places with bright shining faces.  Is this not the way,  to start a new day>  
To which I would reply,  "NO,  It is NOT!"   I am sure THAT made her morning.

C.  The Memphis Homeschool Conference this weekend was FABULOUS!   I can't wait to go again next year.   We stayed at the Springhill Suites Marriot.  Absolutely fantastic.  They had just finished redecorating and it was wonderful.    The beds,  the bathroom,  the breakfast.  LOVED it. 

D.  The speakers this year were amazing and just what I needed.  I felt very calm and didn't feel the need to go to every speaker,  but just went to what my heart said I needed.  I heard a LEGO lady,  (FUN but expensive),  Mark Hamby of Lamplighter Books,  Tom Clark of VideoText,  Susan Wise Bauer,  Douglas Phillips,  Matt Friedman (first time I had heard of him.  He is on AFR), and Todd Wilson.  They were all great.  One night we had tickets to Tim Hawkins WHO is the funniest man in Christian arenas.  My cheeks were aching.  I HIGHLY recommend it next year. 

E.  Did you know downtown Memphis is really FUN?  They have street cars,  wonderful hotels,  great restaurants,  and they are all right together.  I would love to take the kids there and stay a night.  The Pink Palace has free Tues. this month.  The first day it isn't raining or freezing I think we will head over,  but just for the day. 

F.  I feel the need to cook something very AMAZING.  Last night I made a WW cake with sauerkraut.  It was very, very good.  Strange to think I ate part of a vegetable in my cake,  but there you have it.  Today I really want pasta.  Guess I need to get busy looking up recipes. 

G.  I am watching my smallest child use blocks to make a "path up to heaven.  But not God, cause you can't see God."  Precious.  I think I will get down with her and build.

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  1. I've been wanting to eat everything I could find today, but I couldn't find a whole lot to eat. I do think I overate on jello and cottage cheese salad, though. Don't know what this has to do with your blog post, but..............


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