Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Those words really didn't come off my fingers, did they?  ME,  the book reader,  book collector, love experiences but not processes girl,   please don't make me look at fabric,  room design,  or talk matching, arranging girl?  Oh,  but they did.  And I am SOOOOOO excited!!!!   Here is the first of the "new"  me.  I have a brown living room.  I mean,  EVERYTHING is brown.  Couch,  chair,  walls,  cabinet,  fireplace,  mantle.  lamps.  I told yah,  and I like brown as an accent,  NOT as the main only color.  So,  my decorator sister who closed her blog and should reopen it,  sent me fabric swatches to choose from for new pillows on my couch.  She said it would help.  I believed her,  like she believes me when I tell her to read a certain book.  We trust each other like that.  I chose this fabric.  

And my mom, who has a wonderful blog,  Under Her Wings,  made these for me for my birthday. 

Look at the detail she put into the edging and the little knot. Amazing!

See Very Brown Couch,  Great for concealing stains,  but a little drab.

 Let me tell you,  I have it made.  
Next up,  was a very red and dingy entrance wall.  Not what everyone should see when they first walk in my house.  I had red in my old house in LA,  but it had windows literally encircling it.  So red was good.  Here,  not so many windows.  Since this is the year to  find myself update,  I thought how difficult could it be to paint a wall.  And it wasn't.  Especially when I used this as my inspiration picture. 

Pottery Barn
Can you tell what color makes me happy?  Not the black,  although it is pretty in this pic.  So,  I went on down to Ben Moore and picked me up a quart.   My wall used to look like this.

Not my wall, but the same color.  I am still getting used to taking pics of before and after.  Heck,  taking pics at all is still enlightening. 

My good friend, who is also an interior designer, is coming over soon  and helping me arrange the pictures.  I know,  I would be lost in books and brown furniture if it weren't for wonderful lovely people who love color and know how to use it. 

I think I will be looking at Pottery Barn more often.  As soon as it is finished,  I will show you.  But don't hold your breath.  No projects are finished quickly around here.   

thanks for reading,


UPDATE:  I mentioned to my sister that my friend who is also her friend who is also an interior designer was helping me with my wall, and you would have thought I said she was FAT.  I think we argued for 15 min.  I have since asked her forgiveness and for her help in three rooms of my house now,  and she might forgive me.  Just a warning,  designers are VERY SENSITIVE!!  BEWARE!!


  1. WHAt??!! You think I'm FAT? That's it, sister, no more free design consultations for you! Oh, you weren't saying I'm fat, oh well, in that case....

  2. How you made me laugh!!
    I am a friend of Charity's, we met through our (designer) blogs.
    I, too, agree, that she should reopen her blog, but raising her babies is really important, too :)
    Yes, we are sensitive!
    The pillows are fabulous, and so is the sofa!
    You should take advantage, ahem, be blessed, by having a seamstress mom and a designer sister!
    I am spending this year getting our house ready to sell.
    Pottery Barn is the look I will be going for, too...we'll see what happens!
    It's so nice to meet you, Reb, I am sure you are just as much fun as your skinny sister!
    HUGS from SC,

  3. Hi, Reb!

    I followed a link from you mother's blog and wanted to drop by to say, "Hi!"

    Blue is my favorite color so I really like those pillows and what you are planning on doing with the hall, too. And your mother is a very talented lady. Those pillows are just perfect. :-)

    Sorry to hear about the "misunderstanding" with your sister, but I'm sure with the three more rooms to decorate, it will be quickly forgotten. ;-)

    Wishing you all that's best in the New Year!


    Sheila :-)


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