Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Precious oldest Children

Just had to share this quick note.  We fill stockings around here.  We have done various traditions with them such as opening one gift every day the week before Christmas (my mom did this with us  until I had kids...hmmm...I think I was a little spoiled!!),  opening the stocking gifts Christmas Eve,  letting the kids open them before D and I got up.   Most years I don't fill the adults stockings, they are just for looks.  One year my mom and sister and I  exchanged stockings and filled them.  That was fun.  This year they hung lean and low on the mantle. 

When the kids began opening their stockings on Christmas morn,  my eldest said,  "Mom,  Dad,  you have things in your stockings too.  Open them."   Low and behold there was stuff in there.  My eldest had bought her aging parents little gifts, knowing what we liked,  so our stockings wouldn't be so sad.  She is a gem.  And no,  you can't have her.  I worked hard to get her where she is today!!  Here is a pic of my favorite stuffer.  

We constantly encourage the kids to fight over us when we are old and feeble.  My oldest usually says she'll find the best nursing care she can.  But this Christmas I see hope...maybe she'll even visit us with stockings at Christmas. 

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  1. Hope springs eternal...

  2. I so enjoy reading your blog....this one made me laugh out loud! :)


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