Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reading through the Bible

I would say in one year,  but I resolved not to put too much pressure on myself and make myself feel like a failure this year.  So  I am going to try to read the Bible in one year, but if it takes a little longer,  I am pressing on.  Found a couple of great websites to help me along this path.  The first one is  .  I like this one because it has artwork to accompany the passages,   and it has a worship song to listen to at the end.  I like pictures and songs.   It taps in to the emotional side of me which needs help,  desperately. 

The second site is  .  This guy reads to Bible online with soft music playing and has some comment.  Sometimes I turn this on when I need to work in the kitchen and the only thing free is my ears.  The kids enjoy listening to this also.  I love it when we are all listening to God's word at the same time.  It brings about great discussion about DEEP things. 

Our New Year's Eve and day were great.  I will post later about NYE.  It is a story in and of itself.  Plus,  I have a couple of posts I have written,  but I am determined to get these pics off a phone/camera  ALL MY BYSELF.    It may take a day or two,  but I have determination. 

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  1. Love the daily audio's like having the Bible read by a surfer dude. His voice is so mellow. I'm going to try to go through the Bible this year with you.


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