Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Redecorating

You can't imagine the insecurity, the palpitations, the sweat, the grimaces that accompany these words....redecorating.  But living in a world of designers makes me look around at my surroundings and think how I can make my home the HAVEN I desire.  But I really would rather have a magic lamp with a jeanie in it.  I wish...and there it is. all began with a leak from the ice maker that turned into a soaked carpet that had to be pulled up which meant moving everything out of the room for the carpet man to retack the carpet which meant looking at walls that had been painted 8 yrs ago and thinking,  " wouldn't take that much to repaint this room.  and the trim.   and possibly the bookshelves.  and scrape the popcorn ceiling. and change out the fan....I could go on.

My sweet husband cut in and I painted.  Now,  that sounds so simple,  like when the Bible states that David fought the Philistines and won.  You KNOW a lot more went into the fight than those words.  I spent a week looking at two paint samples painted on my wall...loved the color....maybe the name more...Down Comforter.   Anyway,  we painted.  And it is really more like....buttery yellow.  Now,  I like butter and I like yellow flowers...but I have NEVER like yellow in my house.  Not that it's not a great color,  just not ME.  But I am going to live with it.  And then I hate that with it...cause that means it's not what I wanted,  I am sure I will want to paint over it next year,  I feel petty being so caught up in a PAINT COLOR,  when really there are more important things to think about in life.    Here are some pictures.   I will post again when we put the room together. 

I dont' think you can really tell from these.  Or maybe I am vision impaired and it is not as yellow as I think.  Anyway,  please ignore the chaos.  My mom is coming over to help me put the room together. 

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