Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cupcake Boss

When it was snowing and cold and we had a little vacation time,  we watched the first two seasons of Cake Boss.

Cake Boss Cake.  Amazing!

 I was fascinated with the art,  the creativity,  the fun,  the whole bakery thing.  I love bakeries and think where I live to be remiss in not having one in every little town.  Anyway,  after watching two seasons I really wanted....CAKE.   Good cake,  moist with great icing that wasn't too buttery,  or too criscoey, or too fluffy.  

So I asked my husband to pick up some cupcakes at the local grocery store to try to satisfy this intense craving.  I should have know that is not where you go to get GREAT CAKE.   Then I went to the library and picked up a few cook books on cakes and cupcakes.  WOW!!  I could really get into this. 

Here is what my eldest made the other day.  They are all gone and we ended up not getting to ice them cause we didn't have the right ingredients.  And after eating the cupcakes,  I am convinced you need the RIGHT ingredients. 

This is the book we used.  I am not a HUGE Martha Stewart fan.  I can't get into the empire thing,  with servants and gardeners and maids.  I mean,  I could enjoy them,  but I feel  a little guilty sometimes not being so crafty and homey like MS and then I have to remember the empire.  Maybe you should forget you just read this.  It sound strange even to my ears. 

                      These are the cupcakes we made.  Oh,  Boy.   They were so good, and pretty easy also. 

Here is what they looked like in the book.   See why we wanted to make these?  YUMM!!

Here is how ours turned out.  We overfilled them a little.  Next time we will follow directions exactly.

Here is a close up of the little darlings. 

                        Here is what they looked like 3 minutes out of the oven.  Oh,  these were good. 

                 Here are some we want to make for Valentines Day.  Don't you wish you lived near us!

         Don't these look fabulous?  I may make these for someones birthday.  I wonder whose is coming up? 

I hope I have you all drooling and running to the nearest bakery for a cupcake.  I think I will go now and make the next cupcakes in the book...carrot cake cupcakes. 

thanks for reading,



  1. Wish I had gotten the taste that you had for me. That Maggie--or should I say, that Alex!

  2. Man, those choc chip cupcakes were good! Next time can I have a whole one???


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