Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Florence Nightingale

Seeing as I am not posting lately,  I think a narration from one of my children would be nice.  This is from Rachael.

Florence Nightingale was a nurse in a hospital where she stayed up almost all night with the soldiers when they had to have operations.  She had wanted to be a nurse.  Let’ go back in time.   Florence had one sister and a mom and dad. Fanny was her mother.   I don’t have her dad’s name, but her sister was named Parthe.   She was not a quiet girl, but she day dreamed.   She was amazing like a Moses.  One time she made a fire out of nothing but an operating table.  One time she met the queen.  Villagers  had given her 45,000 dollars for her hospital.  Well, that is all folks.

Rachael Steele.


  1. Did God speak to her from a burning operating table?

  2. I am a teacher in Houston. I was looking for something about Florence Nightingale for my students when I came across your post. Nice job! I think my students will enjoy reading what you wrote!


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