Thursday, June 28, 2012


Summer is here and it's HOT!!   I have had a difficult, crazy,  busy,  exciting,  fulfilling spring...and now it's time to begin blogging again.  I think...we'll see.

My garden has done well this year.  I have been excited to see how much I am improving on my knowledge of growing things.  Here are a few pics...

Here is lettuce,  carrots, broccoli, spinach, onions.  We ate and ate...and harvested over 100 carrots.  The chicken got into the broccoli and it grew slowly and never really recovered.  They are in a pen now and CAN'T get out...the little boogers.

My husband is trying tomotoes in a bucket upside down.   It's going much better now that it is in the sun...don't we all..

All the kids planted a raised bed garden this year with what they wanted..some more reluctantly than names will be mentioned my darling eldest....Here is my son's produce.  He wanted cucumbers so he could make pickles.  I didn't think he liked them and when I asked him about it he said he didn't.  HUH???   Sweet boy.  He just wanted to make pickles for others...HMMM..there is hope. 

This child REALLY wanted sunflowers...and they are beautiful and huge.  I was trying to picture the tiny bees working on this big helianthus annus...I could see the pollen collected in their sacs..I had not seen them in real life before. .  So let's play find the bee.  1,000,000 points if you find it.  (By the way,  hlianthus annus is the scientific name for sunflower...helios is  Greek for sun,  anthemon for flower, and annus for year. Interesting, you say!!  Yes, we do homeschool.  No, my kids don't know this. No judging.)  

  Yes,  there is more in the garden, but that is for another post.

The rest of the Spring/feels like dog days of summer are going very quickly.  Some things are a little different this year.  My two youngest are not swimming on the team...I wanted a slower pace for them this year...HAAAA!   What does that MEAN?   Please...someone help me know how and when and where.   We just finished   That is a post for another day.  Hopefully before next year's camp.  SOME of my children are still working on school.  HE HE.   Oh yeah,  that means I am still helping in school...UGH.  SIGH!

so much more...later.


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