Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A God of Order

Numbers....who would have thought that this book would teach me about who God is and what He likes?  I like helps me stay sane...and God likes order also.   The first 3 chapters far...are about order..a census is taken..the Israelites are told how to arrange themselves in the camp and in what order to leave and exit camp.  There are specific people to do specific jobs....this tells me that not all are called to do the same thing.   Thank goodness... you would not like my color choices and lay out of rooms if I were asked to decorate.  But give me some books and a shelf...boy howdy,  I could make you (and me) very happy and orderly. 

Which brings me to the book sale.   We had the first of the three for the year at the main library this past Fri.  It goes through Sun.  but I try to only go one day..I spend less that way.  Yes,    I spend 4-5 hrs in a basement looking at books..and I am NOT ashamed or give ANY excuses.  It is pure fun. 

I have an ORDER to my search.  This time I took all my children because I couldn't be at all the places at once.  What I mean by this is....there are different sections of the sale, and I look for specific books from each section,  history,  children's,  religious,  the old this time I needed more than one person so we could run walk calmly over to the sections at one time and look before anyone else got there.  Oh,  I didn't just say that did I?  Forget that.  I really was not as jittery as I am normally am.  Sometimes I don't sleep very well the night before I am so nervous and excited.  Terrible,  I know.  REALLY..I took the kids because they each had books they wanted me to look for and I knew I wouldn't be able to look like they they went to find their books..and a couple of mine on my list.   I didn't find them, but I did find some for others...that's just as much fun to me.  Here is a pic of some of our finds. 

Also,  this time,  I took only cash,  had a limit,  and MET IT.    You can't possibly know how revolutionary this was for me, unless you compare it to shopping.  THEN you understand.  Or dieting.  Let's not go there in this post.    I usually SAY a  limit of 3 boxes and come out with 5,  wheezing at how much I just spent and wondering how to tell my husband and where we will find room on the shelf.  I actually only had about 15-20 (books)  of my own personal (not going on the kids shelf) books.  I did accidentally leave behind about 8 books on the floor.  But I look at it as God's protections against greed.  

And what do books have to do with the book of Numbers...besides that they are books...?   Well,  I ordered my spending,  and preordered my shelves to accommodate new books, and have all my new books on my shelves,  and nothing lying around.  My books are in order.    I see the connection.  And I feel very the moment. 

Here is a random picture of lentils in a pot.  Very ordered, and pretty. 

thanks for reading,



  1. What an orderly post! I love it! And I'm really glad you love books. Really. I just wished you liked Easter eggs better. (Love you!)

  2. 4-5 hrs? good grief, sounds like a nightmare to me. glad yall enjoyed it.


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