Monday, May 16, 2011

Look at them beans...

I wanted to wait until tomorrow to show you what this was...

But I can't.  Here's another photo.  See if you can guess before scrolling down.

 Yup, peas.  Can't wait.  Here are a few more shots of happenings around the yard.  I would call it a farm, but it is only 1/4 of an acre. 

 A tiny broccoli head.  They are even bigger since I took this last week.

Little scamps these are.  They found my new pot of geraniums and impatiens and ATE them.  I was a little miffed. The green is still there so I hope flowers come back.  They also found my new patio furniture.  I have to shoo them away often.  I am thinking of spraying them with water whenever they come near the house.  I have heard that might work.

Sad story on these guys. Someone gave theme to us for meat birds and my son was raising them.  Only 6 more weeks and then home grown meat.   The other night a certain DOG found its way into our yard and tore up their cage, and ATE them.  I was a little MAD.  We had to talk to the owner and I pray they help out.  I know how I want things taken care of but....

There are others things going on here but they will have to wait.  Swim practice awaits.

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  1. Love the peas, and you have 1/2 acre, I think. Sorry about the chickens.


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