Monday, April 18, 2011

Pictures and other Thoughts

Let's begin with other thoughts.  I have pondered and wondered...studied and tested....and it is very true.   I would blog more often if I had a....


I am a very visual person and love to see photos on others blogs.   It helps me understand and FEEL the intention of the blogger.

So....what would I be blogging about if I had a camera?

1.  I have a brilliantly dressed Cardinal outside my kitchen window chirping and eating on a window feeder I found at a garage sale last week.  I would love to show you but alas...

2.  We have added 2 more chickens to the coop.  They came from the co-op where there were 10 chicken on Tues and only 2 left by Thur.  Something found a fast food chicken eatery close to home.  I had to save the last 2.

3.  The chickens are growing so quickly.  My husband and son built a door over the coop entrance to keep out the "somethings".  Wouldn't you love to know the book I got it from and what it looks like?

4.  I have "something" hopping around my house today.  She is awfully cute.  Wish I could show her to you.

5.  We made some DELICIOUS choco oatmeal cookies with all Great Value ingredient.  You would love to see them,  I am sure.  NOT that I am pushing Great Value products, but as my son say,  "I wish we would buy other products.  I don't like the blue and white stuff.  Isn't it cheap?"

6.  My mom used to make a LOT of my clothes, and I LOVED it.  She has so many grandkids she makes things for now,  I am usually ignored  being gracious and giving my once coveted personal seamstress to the children.  But this year I begged, cried,  pleaded  asked her to make my Easter skirt and I can't wait to show you how it turns out.  OH....I think you may not get to see it.  BOO HOO

7.  We have a very full week with  school stuff and church stuff and shower stuff and friends over stuff and Easter stuff,  but if I don't get a CAMERA SOON  you may not see any of it. 

8.  Why do I feel the need to go on to 10?  I think I will stop here.  There is more...TRUST ME!  

So I will try to take my whining and complaining elsewhere...and appreciate the fact that I can blog.  With black and white words.  And hope they bring about pictures....IN YOUR MIND!

thanks for reading,

 ps.  Because I couldn't stand it, I found a picture online of the book I mentioned my husband and son used.  But it is only a portion of one.  I would love to show you the wonderful illustrations inside..but....


  1. I hope the cute little "something" was one of your children....and not some kind of critter :)
    Yep, those were the good ole' days when we had our own personal seamstress.

  2. Hmmm...I think you should do a post on how many cameras you have owned since you got married, and the final outcome of them all. That would make some very interesting reading. :-)


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