Monday, August 1, 2011

What's for dinner?

Here's what we're having this week.  I am getting low on motivation to cook.  Anyone else just want ice cream and watermelon? 

Mon.  Chipotle BBQ with cilantro lime rice and home made salsa (ok,  home made with canned tomatoes.  I have 12 tomato bushes and have eaten 2 tomatoes and now have 5 little green ones.  I didn't know you had to water them EVERYDAY!!!)

Tues.  Creamy Pesto Pasta Salad with green salad.  Yes,  EVERYTHING Pioneer Woman cooks looks good right now.  I just wish she would come to my house and cook it,  and clean it up, and tell me stories while I eat.

Wed.  Homemade Pizza using fresh veggies from....the market.  Oh,  my basil is fresh from the garden.  We finally found the perfect crust recipe in one of this summers magazines.  NO,  I can't go downstairs and look it up right now. 

Thur.  Broccoli quiche with a green salad and some kind of muffin.  (On a side note,  one August my husband and I were in New Orleans and we ate at La Madeline restaurant.   SOOO good,  it sealed the deal for me on quiches, muffins, fruit and of course,  pastries.  I used to have a cook book.  Might need to find another one on eBay.)

Fri.  Celebrating my dear daughter's 10th b'day and with ALL our family coming over plus a couple,  think we will stick to hot dogs,  chips, and she requested root beer or cream soda floats.  YUMMM!!

Sat.  Mama Nell's Macaroni--also a b'day request.  Yes,  these celebrations go on and on around here.

Sun.  Potluck at church.  Since we have so much basil I have made batches of pesto, so I will be bringing a Pesto Salad and taking rolls. 

That was a little  difficult to figure out this week.  I may end up scratching it and eating watermelon and ice cream.  I think that's kind of like eating a candy bar and drinking diet coke.

I have to finish with this.   I think I showed you a picture of some cupcakes I made last week.  Here is another one that shows off my piping skills (that is SOO much fun!!)

 and let's you drool a little.

My 7 year old piped these.  Not bad...could we be looking at a mom and daughter business?   HMMM!

  I have another recipe for Lemonade cupcakes.   I get these emails from Hoosier Homemade and they just look so good and easy.   Oh, My.  Guess I will be giving these out to neighbors.

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  1. Enjoy looking at your menu for great ideas. Did you know that Chipotle is going in on Hwy 10, opening in August? Lets go together!

  2. i love pesto. i get the pesto chicken flatbread at tropical smoothie...yum, w/extra pesto.
    youre quite the piper


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