Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I tried something today..

A few weeks ago I went into the Goodwill Clearance center looking for a cheap cabinet to make into a temporary bird coop for the meat birds (that were eaten THREE days after I bought the cabinet.  GRRR)   I found a headboard and  the seat part of a high chair.  All three pieces cost me $6.50.  If I couldn't do something with them,  I could burn them cheaper than buying wood!

Now,  if you have read this blog ANY these past few months,  you know I am NOT a crafty person...I don't like it,  not good at it,  don't want to.  But I wanted a headboard after not having one for 9 yrs.  And for $2, how could I not try?  So I called a friend who works with spray paint often,  Kelly over at Creative Chickadee and asked her to H..E..L..P!!

Not only did she say she would, she wanted to bring lunch.  Am I a blessed woman or what?   She made this wonderful sauteed fresh mozzarella salad from a new vegetarian cookbook at Pamper Chef.  Here is what we ate...

It was summer goodness with lettuce from the garden and other stuff (not worth mentioning because it came from a store.)

And here is what we did.  Don't look for a tutorial because if mostly consisted of Kelly spraying and me spraying and me asking if this is right and her saying it's hard to go wrong and me asking again if this was right and her saying just spray like this and get the picture.  I was very insecure. 

I forgot to get a picture of the whole thing prepainted,  but here is what the  unfinished leg looked like. 

This is after "WE" had sprayed one side and I remembered I had not taken a picture.  If you are wondering what kind of paint I used,  it was a cream color from Wal Mart. 

Here is it is with Kelly finishing up the last bit of painting.  I didn't want a clean coat over it all.  I liked seeing the texture come through and it looking a little cottagy.

Here is what Kelly was doing while I whined  sprayed  the headboard.  She was making a tack board for Kevin's graduation present.  I wish I had taken pictures of THIS process,  but I was a little stressed  busy. 

Here is what the headboard looks like in my room.  I LOVE it.  Not sure how to attach it,  but that will come. 

I must say,  it was easier than I thought and now I have a few more ideas as to what could use a coat of paint. 

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  1. :pve ot.pve ot.;pve

    That's actually love it, love it, love it with my fingers on the wrong keys!

  2. I just love the finished product. Still jealous!! You did GREAT!!! Loved our day together too.

  3. Well now, this is a proud moment. Love it!!!!

  4. hey, im gona call kelly for my next project especially if she brings
    good looking headboard


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