Monday, June 13, 2011

Crock pot week

Two things about cooking this week...

1.  We have ANOTHER busy week

2.  It is too hot to cook much inside. 

I read somewhere about cooking in the crockpot on the porch,  so the heat stays outside.  I tried it last week and it worked GREAT.
So I am going to try it again for most nights this week.  We also cooked pancakes and toasted bagels out there.  I like eating on the porch anyway so it was a win/win situation.   Here is what we MOST LIKELY will have.  he he  You know it changes to fit my taste!!

Mon.  Baked potatoes with leftover Barbacoa with sugar snap peas from the garden.  (That was thrilling just to type!) 

UPDATE:   The barbacoa didn't make it past Kevin tonight.  I will have to find something else to put on my potatoes.  Leftover bacon and bits of this and that. 

Tues.  Nachos.  I will cook the meat in the crock pot and use cream cheese, salsa, and cheddar cheese instead of velveeta and pour it over the chips topped by  whatever is in the fridge that looks good.

Wed.  Caribbean chicken on rice

Thur.  Grilled fish with whatever veggies are current in the garden

Fri.  Momma Nell's mac and cheese, salad  (preparing for a swim meet, need carbs)

Fri.  Eggs, bacon, cheese cooked in a muffin tin, homemade cinnamon rolls.  YUM YUM!!

That's all.  Haven't thought as far as Sunday..oh yeah,  Pizza with the church before THEY all head out for camp!!  Sweet!!

I am off to see other's menus and get ideas for next week.  I need, easy and frugal.  May go check out Hillbilly Housewife recipes. 

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  1. We did the caribbean Cjicken last night - oh, so good!


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