Sunday, May 15, 2011

We're Stormin' the Castle

Ok,  I have tried to write a post for 4 DAYS now.  Too much going on and too many interruptions.  So  I will go with what I have and put up more pics, less words. 

Last week we took a little road trip up north and back about 1000 years.   The sky was clear blue,  the grass and trees true green,  flowers were blooming,  birds singing,  and dust flying on the back roads.  We had heard about this castle being built up in the Ozarks and I HAD to arrange a field trip to inspect it.

We found the sign pointing the way and drove in to see what this castle looked like.  We had heard they were building it according to the custom of the day....the day back in 1000 A.D.  

Our guide was wonderful.  He was a professor of Medieval history who had lived in France for awhile.  This man knew his stuff.  I would have loved to have been in his class in college. 

The next few pictures are of the castle and the little working village around it.  We stayed 6 hours and could have stayed longer.  The workers and guides were welcoming,  very conversational,  and no question was too much for them. 

I found some words.  Our guide told us that when George Washington was leading a troop in battle during the French and Indian War,  his men built one of these structures in 6 hours.  That was pretty amazing to us city slickers.

An early raised bed garden,  with a fence called a waddle.  I keep seeing branches on the side of the road and feel I need to pick them up and begin to weave.  I think it's ingenious and so GREEN.

Here is the big picture of the castle.  You really have to walk AROUND it to get a feel for how big a project this is. 

This is just ONE tower,  there are 6 of these being built.


A peasant I picked up along the way.  He was too handsome to leave out in the fields.

Some of my crew liked building castles at each stop of the way.  I think we left them with a few ideas on how to build more quickly. 

We were able to practice stone carving.   I thought it was SOO much fun.  The kids had a blast also,  and now I have hand cut stone work for my mantle. 

It was a beautiful day,  and I highly recommend this to any and all,  except those in wheel chairs or with knee problems.  Not sure how yur gonna manage. 

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  1. How fun! I would have enjoyed it much more than the garage sale that did me in. I think I shall not go to another garage sale; then I won't need to have one myself. I think I have nothing left that I would sell. Nice problem!


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