Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The List

Now that the sun is out again, we are busy, busy. 

Laundry --- We were able hang this  on the line yesterday.  I love to hang laundry..enjoying the sunshine, the wind blowing the clothes,  the sun drying them,  taking them off and...folding as I do.  (After 2 yrs of having a line,  I just figured this out..DUH!)

Picking through the rain drenched lettuce and spinach leaves-----  I really want an ORGANIC garden, but I have a worm eating some of the spinach and lettuce leaves.  Anyone know how to get rid of them without using chemicals?

Cleaning out the car ----- I am sure everyone with children has dirty cars but really.   I spilled dry rice on Sunday.  I told the kids I would pay the first person to vacuum and clean up the car.  OBVIOUSLY I am giving them too much because NO ONE took me up on the money making business.  SOOO...He I MADE them ALL clean it out for FREE.  Oh for the chance to go back and do over. 

Working a business...My dad showed me an great opportunity for a home based business my eldest and I can do together.  The information is here.  Let me know what you think. 

Getting ready for a garage sale....When spring hits, sunny days,  light breezes,  cleaning out the closets,  my minds turns to GARAGE SALES.   We have been pricing and packing up stuff to take over to my sisters for a sale this weekend.  If you live in the area,  go to Elk River and check it out.

Trips...I took a couple of trips in Feb and March, but the family has been home all winter.  We are heading up to the Ozark Castle and Branson for a couple of days.  Can't wait!!!

And that about wraps it up for this week..besides cleaning, cooking,  cleaning again,  school, cleaning up school,  instrument practice, cleaning up instruments,  swim team practice, cleaning suits and towels,  taking meals,  church,  researching chemistry books for next year,   and sleeping.  I think that trip may be just what the Dr. ordered.

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  1. September said to google "Companion Gardening". She said they list plants that grow together and help one another (like planting marigolds in the garden helps keep out certain bugs.

  2. Have fun storming the castle!


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