Sunday, April 10, 2011

Look What I (Was Going to) Eat Today

I think I am in love with veggie gardens.  Today was overcast, but with a nice breeze.  I got up early to check on a brisket I had cooked all night (for a BIG family dinner today,  can't wait!).   I went outside with my tea and read through some material we are discussing in Sunday School. 

THIS was not the SS material.  But it was fun to look at also. :)

I noticed my garden looked dry and went over to water it.  I love watering my garden.  As I watered I noticed the SPINACH WAS READY TO PICK!  My hands were shaking, my heart was beating faster, and my mouth was watering.  I couldn't wait to put them in my yogurt shake. 

Isn't this the most beautiful looking spinach?  I went to make my shake and came out to enjoy it with my youngest daughter.  As we were talking, I noticed some green things on the table.  MY SPINACH.  Well, I ALMOST had spinach for breakfast.  We decided to wash some and eat it raw.  OH. MY. GOODNESS.  God is amazing and good to me. 

Have a great Lord's Day.  Spend a little time thanking Him for the simple things.  Air to breathe,  a mind to think,  birds singing a good morning song,  food grown in a garden.  You can think of more I know.

thanks for reading,


ps.  I can't figure out why the words went from aligned left, to center. Sorry!


  1. One day mine went from large print to YELLING AT YOU print. Don't know why, just did.

    Yum...I wish I had a spring garden.

  2. Hmmm, yogurt shake with spinach. Got a recipe to go with that shake?

  3. I love me some baby spinach...but in a shake. You're gonna have to convince me :)


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