Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekly Menu

Last week we just ate from the fridge, leftovers, some cooking, and a little of this and that. Dinner out two nights and pizza one night. Not good on the budget(is there one?) oh, yes, the budget!!

Here is the plan for this week.  I am only buying lettuce, corn chips, frozen fruit juice, and pasteurized milk to make my own yogurt, sour cream, and possibly cream cheese.

Mon.  Potato soup, homemade bread, and salad.  We need some healthy food after last week.

Tues.  Chicken/cheese/rice casserole and green beans

Wed.  Beef stew using cheap steaks and leftover homemade bread

Thur.  Two man-size eating friends coming  over  so lots of baked spinach lasagna with salad, french bread, and chocolate lava cake in the crockpot

Fri. My brother and family coming over for traditional sausage/eggs/hashbrown casserole, apple muffins, and orange julius

Sat.  Bean and cheese dip with corn chips and raw veggies

Sun.  Potluck!!!   My daughter's famous chicken pot pie,  and pound cake

This should help the budget and our health.  We sure need both this week.

thanks for reading,



  1. Oh, did you want us to come over tomorrow night too??:)


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