Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Anniversary Dear!!

Today I will have been married to the same man for 18 year.  So much drama,  a few kids,  a few states,  a few houses,  a couple of jobs,  a couple of churches,  a few pets,  a few dishes.   So many changes and yet the same man.   He's a keeper.  Steady provider,  supportive of my crazy ideas like homeschooling and staying home with the chillin's.  Faithful to church,  and can help me out of any computer problem I have..which are many depending on the day.   In this day and age of easy marriages and easier divorces,  I am so thankful we made (and are keeping by the grace of God)  our promise "til death do us part".   It's not easy, but we are determined with the help of God Almighty to be a testimony and leave a legacy for our kids of Christ's faithfulness in all things. 


  1. Did you really write this at 4:36 a.m? Wow! I am thankful, too.

  2. Getting caught up on all your posts. Love this one. So sweet. Love you guys. Happy Anniversary!!


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